Journalism program welcomes Dr. Blom

Robin Blom joins the Ball State journalism program after serving as an instructor and teaching assistant at Michigan State University and Point Park University.  His research focuses on a number of issues including media law, memory and cognition, eyewitness identification and news media perceptions.

Dr. Blom’s professional experience includes numerous news articles for national and regional newspapers located in the Rotterdam (The Netherlands) metropolitan area since 2001.  He has written extensively about local governments, court cases, drugs and alcohol addiction, arts performances and exhibits, as well as multiculturalism, among a variety of other topics.

Dr. Blom is the 2011 recipient of the Martha Rayne Award for Media History Research.  He has published ten peer-reviewed book chapters and research articles in several scholarly journals, such as Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Journal of Media Sociology, and the International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development.  He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism, and a doctorate in media and information studies from Michigan State University.  Welcome Dr. Blom to the BSU Community!